Edward Kopko

For over 35 years, Ed Kopko has fought fearlessly for civil rights and fair treatment. In his private law practice, Kopko has tried thousands of cases in criminal and civil courts and has represented defendants from all backgrounds. He served as a police officer in his hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Ed enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served in the Judge Advocate General Corp (JAG) as a Lieutenant and was Honorably Discharged. After the Navy, he served as an Assistant District Attorney in Pennsylvania; where he prosecuted a variety of felony cases and gained essential legal expertise.

Ed was born into a military family and grew up in Fairbanks. His father was stationed in the Air Force. After graduating from the University of Alaska, he earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Syracuse University College of Law. He practiced law in Philadelphia for half his career and he has lived and worked in Ithaca since 1999. Ed has worked on numerous high-profile civil rights and police misconduct cases.  A family man, Ed is immensely proud father of three moral and compassionate  adult children.

Ed Kopko is looking forward to hearing from you and listening to your suggestions: How to keep our community safe, how to maintain healthy relationships with law enforcement and how to bring progressive reforms to our criminal justice system. As District Attorney, Ed will take on these challenges with you – our Tompkins County residents.

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